Beware these common problems with women’s vintage coats

Women’s vintage coats can be a fabulous addition to almost any self-respecting lady’s wardrobe – and why wouldn’t they be? After all, they come in so many intriguing styles in accordance with various iconic eras – from the cocoon and kimono shapes of the 1910s, right through to the short jackets and dusters of the 1980s.

However, by their very nature, vintage coats can also vary hugely in their condition. That’s why you’ll want to keep an eye out for some of the below potential issues when purchasing one.

vintage coats

Rips and tears 

It can be easy for the lining of a vintage coat to become gradually ripped over time as a woman repeatedly removes and puts on her coat. Jewellery items such as watches, bracelets and rings, for example, can snag on threads, while the exterior fabric may show visible fraying at the cuffs.

Yes, a tailor or seamstress can help to restore the coat’s condition, but such repairs can be expensive and not always easy.


Dirt and stains 

Stains can unfortunately rather mar the appearance of a vintage coat, especially if there is more than one on the coat’s exterior – so if that is the case for the item you’ve got your eye on, it might be best to think again about buying it.

This applies especially strongly as modern spot treatments aren’t always suitable for delicate aged fabrics.

vintage 1950s coat


A lot of older clothes can come with a telltale odour that deters many prospective buyers from purchasing them. This is a shame, as it’s not usually as big a problem as is often presumed.

Generally speaking, even if the coat you purchase doesn’t smell great in the store, the situation can be remedied back home by, for example, airing the coat outdoors on a dry and sunny day, before – if necessary – placing it in a dryer on a no-heat setting with a couple of fabric softener sheets.

Even if the above steps don’t quite eliminate the odour, you’ve always got the option of having the coat deodorised at the dry cleaner. At-home dry cleaning/freshening sheets are available too, but you should bear in mind that any ‘DIY’ cleaning of a used item is very much at your own risk.


All of those other little details… 

There are all kinds of other issues that can arise with women’s vintage coats, but which can also often be easily fixed – any loose buttons can be resewn, for instance, while even zippers can sometimes be replaced, depending on their location and function and the coat’s condition.

In summary, most of a coat’s hardware can be repaired or replaced, but such work does come at a cost.


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