Buy better vintage T-shirts with these tips

Buy better vintage T-shirts with these tips

There aren’t too many better ways to add an instant sense of cool to your outfit, than donning a vintage T-shirt. It seems that every celebrity is now seen wearing them, and their look even shapes what we see on the catwalks. But that doesn’t mean just any old vintage T-shirt should do for your own wardrobe.
Allow us to guide you here at RETRuly. We know a thing or two about vintage shirts and T-shirts, and would therefore advise you to bear the following factors in mind when purchasing.

Don’t wear concert tees that merely ‘look cool’

While concert tees are very much made to look hip, it’s not such a great look to throw on the T-shirt of a band that you barely listen to or know nothing about. It’ll probably play better to your overall style if the band is one that you do appreciate.
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Distinguish between authentic vintage and reproductions

This is something that we’re quite hot on here at RETRuly, to such an extent that we insist on our marketplace sellers only listing items that are genuinely vintage – roughly defined as at least 20 years old. If listed items don’t fulfil this criterion, we remove them from sale.
If a T-shirt has been manufactured recently, but has been made to look old – for example, given a worn or faded appearance – it is merely ‘vintage-style’, and likely much less valuable than whatever original it was intended to resemble.

Remember that vintage and modern sizes can differ

One potential downside of buying genuine vintage shirts – rather than reproductions – is that they are generally smaller than their modern equivalents. A vintage T-shirt that is marked as a ‘large’, for example, will probably be a similar size to a current medium, given how clothing companies have adopted different sizing charts over time. This makes it a good idea to purchase items that are labelled as one size larger than your ‘usual’.


Know what is ‘acceptable’ wear and tear

You can grab some brilliant bargain vintage shirts if you’re prepared to accept a decent amount of wear and tear. However, stains – especially in the armpit area – are a no-no, while avery thin and holey T-shirt will probably disintegrate after just a few washes.

Pay attention to the fit

Whether or not you already have certain preferences as far as the fit of your vintage shirts is concerned, you shouldn’t completely ignore it. Consider bagginess, for example. A slightly baggy body can be disguised with a little half-tuck, but it’s trickier to make a giant arm less obvious.
Some vintage T-shirt wearers also like necks that are a little stretched out. For vintage shirts and T-shirts alike, RETRuly can be your dependable go-to source. We are one of the fastest-growing online vintage marketplaces, not least because our sellers are reputable ones who offer genuine vintage items. Why not browse for yourself right now?