How to create your own distinctive retro fashion sense

Retro clothing has truly come to the fore in recent years, with vintage cues permeating even mainstream fashion, so it’s hardly surprising that so many people are intrigued about how they can combine classic garments to create their own inimitable look.

Here are the best ways to do exactly that.

Establish what you want to buy first

As joyful as that initial impulse shop at a vintage boutique can be, it’s not a recipe for assembling a coherent wardrobe. It’s therefore a good idea to at least do some research first, so that you have a clearer sense of what you do and don’t want to pick up.

vintage clothing

What eras do you want to target, for example? What is the minimum quality and condition that you will accept from your retro clothing, and which local or online shops might be better than others for certain categories of vintage clothes?

Start with the classics

It’s only natural that you might be unsure where to start when shopping for vintage clothes for the first time, so there’s nothing wrong with buying items that are relatively obvious and easy to find to begin with.

Think those timeless leather jackets, Levi jeans or Converse trainers... the kind of thing that every retro fanatic seems to have at least one of, and which could provide a fine foundation for a retro wardrobe that is likely to become more adventurous as you gain knowledge and experience.

Mix the old with the new

While we take great pride here at RETRuly in only permitting genuine vintage items to be listed by our marketplace sellers, we don’t expect you to wear entire outfits consisting only of retro clothing – and nor should that necessarily be the case.

Indeed, most vintage fashion aficionados incorporate more contemporary pieces into what may otherwise be fairly ‘old school’ ensembles – all the better for providing an anchor to the present, instead of leaving the wearer looking like they’ve just stepped out of a time machine.

Be a stickler for details

Vintage clothing is a kind of clothing that really rewards attention to detail – there are just so many little touches that can be made to a retro outfit that only you may have even considered.

Consider vintage jewellery, for instance. There’s so much of it being advertised by our sellers here at RETRuly, encompassing everything from earrings and brooches to necklaces and rings. A certain piece may not look like a brilliant match to the outfit that you’re presently assembling, but who knows how well it could enhance your future sartorial efforts?

Above all, remember that your fashion sense should always be your own, so it’s best not to place too much stock in whatever advice other people – including ourselves! – give you. There’s no point buying and wearing retro clothing that you hate, even if other people compliment your look.

What more is there to say? Don’t hesitate to get your vintage clothing adventure started with a little help from RETRuly’s passionate and dependable sellers – or if you are already an experienced vintage collector, you could become a seller yourself.