Welcome to the RETRuly Vintage Marketplace

Are you looking for the best online platform to showcase your vintage Clothing or Home-wares?
RETRuly is the first marketplace that is created by vintage lovers, for vintage lovers. If you are tired of selling your vintage products on ebay, ETSY or other marketplaces or you are not getting the sales you want on your own web page, then RETRuly provides you with the best alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fees do you charge?
It is only £10 per month to open a store on RETRuly & you only pay a 10% commission fee when you sell an item.

I have products listed on another website, how can I import these to RETRuly?
You can bulk import products via a CSV file. So can add all your proucts quickly..

Do I have to be a Business to sell on RETRuly
No, whether you are a private seller with one or two items or a business seller with hundreds of items, you are welcome on RETRuly.

What can I sell on RETRuly?
As a vintage marketplace you can only sell original vintage fashion or home-wares. We are afraid you cannot list new or reproduction vintage style items..

What do our sellers say about us?
We are growing fast. CLICK HERE to see what our sellers are saying about us.

How do I receive payments?
We use PayPal for all payment processing. To start your marketplace store all you will need a Verified Paypal Account. Payments are made immediately to each seller minus your final valuation fee.

How many items can I list?
There is no limit to the number of items you can list.

What SEO features are available to sellers?
Sellers have full control of their SEO meta tags, which will enhance their visibility both on RETRuly and google. We encourage you to use them to maximise your traffic..

What are the search filters?
Search filters enable to seller to specify item specifics (e.g. size, colour etc). When listing use these search filters to ensure your products are displayed to the buyer.

Are there any image requirements?
All images must be of the product you are listing, please do not use library images. Watermarks and graphics in the impages is also discouraged.

How does RETRuly differ from eBay & ETSY
RETRuly was created by vintage lovers with years of experience in the vintage industry. This enables us to provide expert and personal support to all our users. So if you are a new seller just starting out, or an experienced seller we can provide help & advice that you won't find anywhere else.

Has the RETRuly marketplace been SEO optimised?
Yes! We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all our page templates are fully SEO optimal. We include all the required page tags and microformats to help search engines extract the important information from your marketplace.

Does RETRuly support International buyers and sellers?
Yes. You can set up your own shipping profile in your store admin to specify multiple shipping options.