Why Wear a Vintage Dress?

Designers have always been inspired by fashions on the past so throughout the high street your will see dresses that inspired by original vintage designs. Although buying modern dresses that borrow designs from the past will help you to achieve that look there is nothing quite like buying the original vintage dress.

For vintage enthusiasts there is nothing quite like the thrill of finding that unique, original vintage dress. It is not just the satisfaction of discovering that perfect dress and the knowledge that nobody else will be wearing the same dress. It is the direct connection with the past, owning a dress that has a history, a story to tell, something that was cherished and has now been given a whole new life.

When buying vintage dresses you also know that you are investing in something that has not been mass produced, with better quality fabric and construction, often at a fraction of the price of a modern example. Something that will hold it's value, or if you buy well could even rise in value.

To unearth these treasures you can trawl through rails of dresses at charity shops, vintage shops or vintage fairs. Or you let the vintage sellers do the work of finding those vintage dresses, enabling you to can browse online from the comfort of home and get the dress delivered to you.

RETRuly provided a one stop vintage marketplace that brings hundreds of vintag sellers together in a single venue. So whether you are looking for 1920's or 1940's Flapper dresses, 1940s Tea Dresses, 1950s full skirted or hourglass wiggle dresses, 1960s mini dresses or the classic 1970s maxi dress you will find it here.

So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge today and step into vintage, you won't look back.