Mid Century Salt and Pepper Ceramic Cellar original 50s

By KissMouth From Germany

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Typical mid century ceramic, salt and pepper cellar from Germany.
The set, probably " Scheurich" was made in the early 50 ties.
Each cellar has a ceramic mark FOREIGN. This was a mark used after
2 nd world war and before there was the branding West Germany or
made in Germany.
One cellar is in mint condition, the other one had two small chips.
I asked a befriended ceramist to retouch it. ( last picture )
it is visible if you know where to look, but I thought it is worth it since the
cellars are such a beautiful and remarkable example for the 50 ties style.

measures, 4 inches tall, diameter bottom 1.75 inches, diameter top 1.5 inches

dont put in dish washer, ceramic made back then was not designed to do so